Saturday, January 22, 2011

~beige pumps~

sweater: h&m
skirt: banana republic
shoes: ann taylor

i just bought these beige pumps from ann taylor - their very last pair and in size 7 nonetheless! here, i have chosen to pair them with purple and argyle, but i love how they can match with so many colors. by the way, i adore argyle; some people have even commented that i must like clothes with any sort of pattern containing shapes, lol.


kileen said...

i love these nude pumps on you! this sweater looks great paired with this skirt!

also thanks so much for the shout out! you have no idea how happy it makes me to know that i helped inspire someone out there!! i would say that when you're starting out, just keep experimenting with taking outfit pictures. honestly, good quality pictures make the difference as far as fashion blogs go, so i just kept on looking at other blogs that i liked and trying to figure out how i could get my pictures similar to theirs. that and just being persistent. it's so easy to get frustrated in the beginning, but just keep doing it. do it for yourself more than anything. the followers will come. :)

hope this helps and keep it up!

cute and little
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Justine said...

Your legs look fabulous in these photos! I wouldn't have guessed those pumps are beige. They look grey or taupe to me, but you already know that. :)

i love mochi said...

@kileen: thank you! your blog is awesome, and you are definitely an inspiration. i appreciate your helpful advice, ttys =)

@justine: yea, guess it's the lighting :)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

This is a very cute outfit

Connie said...

i like your second picture a lot :]

i love mochi said...

@amy: thank you!

@connie: thanks, i think i was happy =)

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