Friday, January 21, 2011

~i heart tights~

cardigan: express
blue-patterned tank: the limited
skirt: h&m
tights: bcbg
shoes: michael kors

i wore this outfit to a potluck dinner party last night, hence the photos taken in the dark. i have a small (read: big) obsession with tights, and these sparkly ones are my favorite. i just purchased them from bcbg and have found them to be very versatile; not to mention, the tights at bcbg are very sturdy and high-quality compared to other brands of tights that i own. feel free to leave comments!


Justine said...

The sparkly tights look so fun and festive! I've been eyeing the tights at and

i love mochi said...

tights are so great, i even dream of them, hehe. those sites have some nice ones! let me know if you get some.

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