Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~colors galore~

tank: papaya
cardigan: the limited
shorts: express
tights: the limited
shoes: mia from dsw

i am having so much fun making this blog, so thanks to everyone who is reading! this entry is inspired by the weekly color brigade challenge on kileen's "cute & little" blog. the task is to create a creative outfit consisting of at least 3 different colors, and here i have chosen to use green, black, and white. let me know what you think =)

ps. for anyone who is planning to start a fashion blog, make sure to get a tripod. i have learned my lesson after hearing, "photos...not again..." everyday, hehe.


Ramsey said...

Love the green! I've been neglecting my green cardis and i'm thinking I should pull them out and give them a go!

Justine said...

Do black and white count as colors? :-P

White shorts feel so chic. I'm glad to see them in a shorter length rather than at knee-length (Bermuda shorts, walking shorts, trouser shorts, whatever they're called).

Those diamond-patterned tights are subtly glam. *squee*

That's a beautiful green. Do you fold your cardigans or hang them?

Did you get a tripod?

i love mochi said...

@ramsey: green is nice, you definitely should. thanks for checking out my blog, i'll head over to yours too!

@justine: i guess i wore 1 color and 2 shades then, lol. white does feel chic, i have some white pants that i like too.

i love this sound you used ~ squee! is it to show excitement?

thanks! i always fold sweaters or use hangers that are small, soft, and well-padded. i learned this lesson after having some clothes stretch too much or get terrible hanger mark bumps in the shoulders.

not yet, but i will try to get one soon.

Molly said...

Those tights are really fantastic. I want some!!

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

A.Co said...

The green is great on you, Mochi!

As far as posting the pictures side by side, if you click the picture, you'll discover it's one picture. I've cropped four pictures and made them into one using Powerpoint & Paint, it's a little bit ghetto, but I don't have Photoshop so this works for now ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

kileen said...

i love the green and white combination! i'm gonna have to try that out sometime too. and those tights are great -- love the subtle diamond pattern.

oh, and in addition to a tripod, get a camera remote if you camera has remote capabilities. it saves a huge amount of legwork running back and forth with the camera timer. :)

cute and little

i love mochi said...

@molly: these are some of my favorite tights, i got them at the limited about a year ago. thanks for checking out my blog, i'll head over to yours too!

@a.co: thanks! that's great info, i will have to try that trick someday when i have the patience, hehe.

@kileen: i can't wait to see you try it. yea, i couldn't resist when i saw these tights in the store. great advice, will look into it, thanks!

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