Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~hello boston~

tunic worn as dress: express
flip-flops: american eagle

i had a blog years ago with a friend in which we talked about super silly things; however, this is my very first real blog since then, and i'm excited! my inspiration for starting a fashion blog was seeing "j's everyday fashion" ( and "cute & little" ( i like the girls' styles, the layout of their blogs, and the idea of creating outfits to share with others.

for my initial post, since i'm not able to get someone to take photos of me right now, here is a photo taken last summer on newbury street while i was still living in boston. (oh, boston, how i miss you sometimes!) i would have worn heels, but i had to walk around all day, so i will do a post later in which i dress up this tunic =)

my goal is to create a fashion blog where i can share outfit ideas and gather comments and opinions from others, so please feel free to follow my blog and leave comments. thanks, and until next time, stay warm!


Justine said...

I love this blue! Or is it purple? A belt would look fabulous with this tunic.

i love mochi said...

it's dark purple. you know, right after i posted this photo, i was thinking the exact same thing - this tunic needs a belt! i'll do a post with one sometime.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love J's Everyday.

i love mochi said...

@amy: yay for j!

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